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Check out our very own Coastal Queers Discord Server!

Coastal Queers

Jan 22, 2024

We officially launched our Discord Server! Come join all the additional fun Coastal Queers has to offer!

Hey there fellow Coastal Queers!

We have some exciting news to share with our group. We have officially setup our own Discord server for increased sociability amongst our community. Here is where you will find all things Coastal Queers such as informational channels, discussion channels, and voice channels.

To join our new Discord server is simple, just click on the Discord icon at the bottom of our website. Having issues joining the Discord server? Please contact us via email and we will be sure to help you join!

In addition to our newly created Coastal Queers Discord server, we will utilize Discord to host various digital events such as Coastal Queers virtual gaming nights in the comforts of your own home or wherever you feel the most comfortable! Stay tuned to our events website for all of our upcoming events.

You may also find our active social media presences at the bottom of our Coast Queers website.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on our new Discord server platform!


Coastal Queers Advocates

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